5 amazing DIY projects you can do with things you already have in your home!

Hey there thanks for checking out my page. As I said in earlier posts I have a wide variety of interests. Traveling, though is my passion, it’s not the only thing I love doing. I still have a home base and love doing things to liven up the place. Including DIY projects and refurbishing!

Today I’m going to share with you 5 awesome DIY ideas you can try at home with items you already have laying around your house!


I got a large set of frames for 8×10 photos from work as they were cleaning out their shed and found a bunch of old brown frames that were used as displays back in the day. To be honest they weren’t horribly ugly, just really outdated, but nonetheless, I knew I could use them. Not to mention they were offered to a group of us and everyone said the same thing, “they won’t match what I have at home”.

First and foremost, not all frames need to be identical is pattern or shape or design, in fact, it’s more decorative to have some that look a little different or vary in size. Also using colors like Black, Grey and White are considered “Timeless” which means they can practically match any color scheme and decor in any era of style or fashion. (Yes I took some interior design classes, but I’m not an interior designer, although I’m sure I can make a business of it.)

So I took them home and cleaned them, keeping the glass separate I placed them all on some newspaper evenly then I took some black spray paint and… voila!

This took maybe an entire can of semigloss black Rustoleum spray paint I got for $3 at Home Depot. The frames were, well, FREE. Total time it took was about 10-15 minutes! If you don’t have frames from work like I did, then you can find cheap ones at the Goodwill or Thrift store or even Facebook marketplace. Another place to go would be Craigslist, they may even be free because people just want to get rid of them and the personal value of framed pictures has decreased though not gone out of style. Remember, not all frames need to match.

P.S I thought I had the before picture of the frames on my phone but I cannot find them, I know I sent the before and after to someone I just have to figure that out. Once I find it I will update this post but in the meantime, the “before” photo will be of one remaining 12×12 set of 3 that I have yet to paint. The color of the frame is the same as the ones I already painted.

Removing labels from jars:

Ok so this is more of a tip than DIY project, but the results of removing the labels can lead you to so many various ideas! I don’t know about you, but I love Mason jars as décor, really as anything. I use them for my smoothies, storing food, everything. Since I use a lot of sauces in my cooking I end up with a bunch of the washed-out jars under the sink, my mom calls me a hoarder but really I don’t have that many. They just pile up because I was too lazy to take the labels off when I was not yet sure what I was going to do with them.


How I remove the labels-

To remove the labels, I filled my sink with hot water and dish soap and let them soak. You can do it for however long your patience allows, I let it soak overnight for 1 batch and the 2nd batch I was so busy it soaked for 2 days. The 2-day batch was better, the labels practically slid off as I wiped. Pulling them out of the water and letting them dry, allows the adhesive to dry and re-adhere, making it harder and you must scrub. So keep them submerged in water and pull them out one at a time to remove labels. Once all the labels were off I gave them all one last scrub with soap to get any remaining residue off.

*I did the exact same thing for old candle jars and even the Starbucks cold coffee bottles that look like old milk bottles, it works great for all of them, though the Starbucks bottles needed some careful “peeling” as that label is like a plastic*


Once they are clean and dry you are free to do whatever you want with them!

Jar lids: I had a friend ask me about the lids of pickle jars, she was having trouble getting the smell of vinegar off them. She told me she heard of baking soda and water but hadn’t tried it yet. I have not had any issues with the smell of vinegar on lids, however, whenever I empty a pickle jar I usually soak the inside with hot water and again dish soap and shake it really well until it suds on the inside and then making sure the lid is secure, I tilt it over and let it soak overnight upside down. In the morning when I dump the jar, the whole thing is clean and smells like soap.

Wine bottle storage:

I love wine, Stella is my favorite just because it’s easier going down, but I have a serious collection of bottles that are waiting to be put to good use. However, recently I started using clear ones as storage for my grains. My rice comes in bags and if I pick it up wrong it spills and there goes my rice and pasta.

I was looking for storage containers that would look nice in my up-and-coming kitchen but really don’t have the money to go out and buy special grain containers no matter how cute they were. I was starting to get desperate as keeping boxes and bags was not practical as I live in the country and the occasional rodent ventures in for a snack (don’t worry I have a cat who’s an excellent ratter). In my desperation to resolve my problem while not breaking the bank I started thinking outside the box, what do I have in my house that can keep critters out, look nice on my counters and hold a good amount of grain. What also do I have that would match with each other and look sort of uniform without being all over the place? I started with jars, but the sizes I had didn’t hold much and they were all different and looked funky, I had to pick which grain to put where because I had more of others and after I poured I discovered I still had leftover that needed to go in a Ziploc. No. That won’t work.

So I looked around the house and that’s when I saw them, my wine bottles, the clear one’s front, and center and luckily for me, I had several of the same brands! So I took them and rinsed them out one more time and let them dry.


Then I poured my grains in. There was plenty of space for a full bag of rice. I also opened a box of Quinoa and poured the remainder of oatmeal in the other 2. In the glass bottles, they looked great! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the baggie of cork that I was collecting so, for now, I am using rolled up paper towel until I can get some or find the ones I had. They are super easy to pour, whether I’m just pouring into a bowl or measuring out what I need and any extra can just be funneled back into the bottle! When corked my grains will remain fresh and its beautiful décor considering my style is rustic… wine country. I even told my mom about this, and showed her pictures, she loved the idea and is now doing this as well. She says she gets loads of compliments from her friends on how decorative it is and the creative idea.

Epsom salt dispenser:

So after you’ve done all these DIY projects it would be excellent to sit in a nice bath and soak all that hard work and creative energy away! You go to your bathroom and turn on the hot water to fill the tub, while that’s going you get your candles lit and set the ambiance for a relaxing bath. Then you go to get your Epsom or bath salts, you reach under the sink and grab the bag. Whoops, looks like you forgot to close it last time and the salts spill everywhere, or perhaps it’s been so long that you’ve used them (out of sight out of mind) that the bag has dust or holes in it. For whatever reason the bag is so not attractive, if only there was a cute container to put them in that would look decorative on your bathroom counter to remind you to use them.


Well, there is a very inexpensive way to do this. I bought a bottle of water CORE water, they started making the smaller 16oz bottles and I grabbed one at a gas station. I like these bottles because of the design but I don’t get them frequently. I mostly use the aluminum bottles, you know to save the environment and all, but those only work when you have water in them. I had the bottle sitting around my house as I would one day use it.

I was cleaning my bathroom recently and I came across 2 bags of Epsom salts that were dusty and shoved all the way to the back of the cabinet, I can’t stand that, I don’t like things gathering dust especially under a cabinet. So I walked around the house looking for something that would work for this and behold! The CORE bottle sitting on my kitchen sink. It was perfect! It even had a lid to measure out how much to use and it was in the same color scheme as my bathroom, blue! It was a done deal.


I cut off the label carefully and funneled the salt into the bottle, tightened the lid and boom! I want to get a nice label maker so I can label what it is, but right now, nobody takes baths in my house and I know what’s inside so it’s alright.




This project took me a whole 5 minutes to do and I’ve used it twice since doing this. It sits right next to a cute bath bomb holder that was also a super easy DIY project!


Bath bomb jar:

This is probably the easiest of them all. Every once in a while I find myself at Dollar Tree, needing something for some project I’m working on. For some reason, I wanted a vase for Thanksgiving décor, and I found this simple yet elegant design. I have 3 just like it in my house, all used for various things. This item only cost me $1.08 when I bought it several years ago (this item is a staple at Dollar Tree so you can find one like it just about anywhere and any time of year).


For the lid- I had several empty Yankee candles and a few Main Stays candles from Walmart, the large $5 candles they always have there. Turns out the MainStays lid fits perfectly into the top of the vase, you can also cut off the rubber suction ring carefully from the lid and it makes a glass on glass piece. It’s very nice for any decoration and I found similar items at Micheal’s, Walmart, and various stores for over $10!

Since I had the lids leftover from candles I burned out last year, it really didn’t cost me anything to do this. In total it cost $6 but I bought both the vase and candles at a previous time for other projects, so if you think about it, they already paid for themselves by the time I decided to do this. It was just things I had around the house that now look like I spent good money to make my bathroom look fancy!

There you go, 5 easy DIY ideas that can make your home look like a million bucks for the low price of practically nothing. Most of these items I had already bought a long time before I did these projects, though I spent some money on them previously, they cost nothing to did this now. I hope you guys enjoyed this, please comment, like and share and let me know if there are any questions or ideas you would like me to try.

Thank you and have fun doing it yourself!

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