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That chick Missy…


Finally, I have the inspiration to write this! I don’t know about you, but I hate writing my “About Me” section, since the days of Myspace to dating apps and even this blog post, I could never figure out what to write or how to convey it. I was a teenager back then who didn’t even understand who I was as a person, my twenties were pretty much me floating around bikini bottom “la la la la la” just trying to pay rent and still find myself. I moved a ton, met even more people, had experiences and learned more lessons than I’d liked. All of that led me here, 30, single, female, living in a nice place of my own with several dogs. I finally found a place to call my own where I am happy to wake up to it every day for its beauty is divine. Life, however, likes to creep in and slap me awake before the dogs get a chance to do it and so it’s off to the races.


I am an RVT, that’s Registered Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Nurse, I did go to school for it and have worked in the field for some time now. Recently my job and I parted ways, I was no longer happy in life and they could see that, it never affected me as a technician I am a damn good tech! My relationships with the people I worked with however were affected, I no longer enjoyed their company (well most of the ones I worked directly with, but there were others who were neutral). Either way, I decided over a year ago that I was not going to be working there much longer, and so I started researching things I can do outside of my field, or maybe make enough money so I just have to cut back hours and not quit. I just wanted to be able to afford a life where I can travel and do things! Not to mention I wanted to just hang out with my dogs, as I am sure most of you would, I realized I only have about 9 good years left with Beowolf and I didn’t want to spend most of that time with him in a cage and me in a white office. I worked 40+ hours a week and still barely made enough to afford to do much on the weekends. Beowolf would grow old and creaky in a kennel while I was breaking mentally and physically at work.


Then the day came, it was time for me to leave the clinic and I never felt more relieved, say what you want I loved my job and what I did but I just wasn’t happy doing it. Puppies and kitties matched with Euthanasia and stressful surgery were tolerable and great sometimes, but the people I worked with wore me out and it was that toxicity that I needed to remove from my life. Do I miss them? Yes. I keep in touch with a few girls, but as any Scorpio out there can agree, once I cut you off mentally you’re just cut off. Since then I have been taking this whole thing slowly, I have never gone longer than a few days between jobs without having something lined up and though it was a first I wasn’t scared. I needed this break! For once there was no pressure, no fear, and I had time!

Time to figure this all out, I had 30 years to discover who I am by now, been doing the research on passive income and working from home, read the books and finally I needed to take the plunge!

What to do?

Well anyone who knows me knows that I have a hat in everything! My base passion though is entrepreneurship, writing, photography, and animals. So why not combine those? I have a degree/ career/ education to back me up to post about animals, I have a lifetime of writing skills and additional creative writing classes I took along with the fact that I have worked for companies who hired me to write reviews. I have a great eye for photography and been doing it since I was 13, I just don’t have a nice camera (I use my phone). Best of all I have the mentality to be an entrepreneur! The one thing I didn’t have, the excuses. There was no more working 40 hours a week, no more late nights getting in and too tired to do this, no more spending my minimal free time with the dogs because that’s all I can do. No, the one thing I didn’t have anymore, was the one thing I used this whole time to stop myself.


About an hour after I got home from leaving my job I got all my ducks in order with the fact I was now unemployed. Then I sat down and created my first 2 blog posts that I had been wanting to write for weeks but “excuses”!

Read posts here

A girl 2 dogs and a Quest for Snow in Southern California

A girl 2 dogs and a trip to Mount Pinos Frazier Park

I created my WordPress account and did everything I could to post my first blogs, and they did great! I was surprised they got a few likes right away and even followers. I knew it was going to take a long time to build this from scratch, nobody knew me even on social media, not as a blogger/photographer. If anything Beowolf’s account had more followers than mine on Instagram.


Either way, I had to try, I couldn’t face going back to the regular working class, not without trying to chase my dreams the first and probably the only time I will get this opportunity. No, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I was homeless once upon a time, jobless countless times and was way worse than I am now so if there was one life lesson I learned it was that I always BOUNCE BACK!


It’s been 6 weeks and I am still feeling good about this! I haven’t had migraines in forever, no stress, I’m not tired and exhausted unless I take the dogs out or do some work around the ranch on a beautiful sunny day. I am finally losing weight and keeping it off, exercising more and not wrestling giant dogs who kick and scratch, and I get to write as often as I want! I have 18 published posts 19 including this one and I post 3 a week, traffic is a crawl. I am part of several helpful blogging communities and signed up for just about everything I can sign up for. Mailchimp, Convertkit, affiliate links, Tailwind (haven’t really started using this, Trial period), and a bunch more that I can’t think of right now.  I just got hired as an Affiliate Associate with HempMy Pet which is an awesome company that makes natural, organic, vegan supplements for pets including horses! They are even human grade so people can take them too! I will be doing a post about this soon, but it’s exciting to get some traction!

I also wrote a book recently, just a bunch of tips for puppy owners that I always thought was useful. I take things I learned over the years of being a veterinary technician/ pet owner and compiled them neatly into a book. The book includes emergency contact forms, how to create a puppy book, advice on medical questions and tons of top quality dog product links! Check it out here Adventures of Puppy Raising.

I haven’t made much money yet but like I said, I knew this wasn’t an overnight success. I did the research thoroughly, checking everyone’s experience I could find, and a lot of people agree on 2 things; it takes time to see the figures grow and you get out what you put in. The common consensus is that most bloggers make a healthy living doing this, now they can’t all be wrong, right? Consistency is key so the way I see it, just keep doing me and I will get there but how exactly can I do me when people really don’t know who me is?


Allow me to Introduce: Myself.

I like to go by Missy for starters, my name is Melissa and it’s a long story but I just go by Missy. I have 2 awesome dogs Beowolf and Valentine and a cool black cat named Bagheera. She doesn’t do much but cuddle and eat and patrol the house for critters, but she is a doll and I love her. Like I said above, yes I am single and straight (sorry ladies I tried to take an alternate route but hit a dead end) so I likes the mens although they annoy me, and I have come to love being single. I do have a type so basically, look like DJ Cotrona or BE DJ Cotrona and I will be happy haha no seriously though I am all about the connection and chemistry, if it’s there it’s there. Love my animals and my crazy ass and we will be good.


I love all kinds of music, I may not listen to everything religiously, but I can jam to it all! I was raised with a radio always on so music is indeed life.


If you can’t tell I like to write a lot, I also like to talk a lot, meaning YouTube channel is in the works too! Those videos will be posted slowly for now as I am still learning new things and trying to get used to talking in front of a camera to NOBODY! Not even Beowolf and Valentine are trying to help me out, knocking things over and bumping into me, Beowolf hits me in the face on multiple occasions that I can’t decide whether to keep it or cut it. I like being creative and utilize a lot of mediums, so I’ll make cute videos of the dogs or something. I like to sing and dance, neither of which I do in front of people much though I am told I can indeed do both. I love art and painting or drawing too, but don’t do it much, photography is more my style though.


I am also one of those stoners who will hit you with facts, just a friendly FYI out of the blue. Oh, you didn’t know I’m 420 friendly. Well if you’re curious about that then go right along and check out my post on how I came out of the stoner closet, go on scoot!


I love movies and love quoting them/ trivia even more. Netflix and chill were made especially for me, I can sit in a 3-hour movie like it’s nothing! I guess to me I’m not sitting in a seat watching a movie, but I’m going on an adventure!


I also really like being outdoors, I’m adaptive and can handle just about anything though I have my preferences: Woods, mountains, beaches, countryside. Pretty much wherever there is a lot of green and a lot of water. Hot and dry just isn’t my thing, but if a group of friends wants to go camping at Joshua Tree I would be down for that. I enjoy roughing it as well as glamping, if I can take my dog Beowolf (Valentine is still a work in progress and will join on trips when she is ready) then I’m there.


Oh yeah speaking of friends, I have none. Haha just kidding, I technically do, but none of them live within 100 miles of me. Most of them are in Sacramento where I did most of my growing up and then others are scattered among the rest of the 50 states. So I pretty much don’t go anywhere unless it’s with my dogs, so if you’re reading this and you are in the Los Angeles area who also doesn’t have friends, then DM me on the Insta sista! If you don’t have a dog that’s cool I have 2, I can share!


Star sign: Scorpio. I always have people talk so much crap about the fact I follow my star sign, if you don’t like it then move along its as simple as that, but it’s not like I follow it to a T. It’s not like I don’t leave the house if the horoscope says not to, no, I found that it generalizes personalities and characteristics of people and places it in 12 categories. Say what you want about your sign, but the reason a Scorp loves our sign is that it’s freaking accurate! I’m not gonna say any 2 Scorpio or any sign are identical but if mine is close and my friends are very much like theirs without them even knowing their sign, then it’s safe to say there is accuracy there. In fact, I can get along better with someone once I know their sign because I understand the characteristics of the sign. I won’t drone on and on, but I will talk about being a Scorpio in my posts so deal with it.


My favorite color is purple. I spell the word Grey with an E just because it’s fancier but there is no right way to spell it, E or A, it’s just your preference I looked it up.


I have 2 snakes. A ball python I had since 2005 named Slytherin, he’s awesome! And a Mexican Black Kingsnake named Saxa. She is so beautiful! She currently lives with a friend in Sacramento as I only need one snake to take care of right now. Say what you want, snakes are awesome! They come in so many sizes and COLORS! Imagine if dogs had colors and patterns of snakes. Contrary to belief snakes are actually very docile and if you handle them enough they are very friendly, Saxa was very aggressive when I first got her but now she can be handled and everything just fine. If you are deathly terrified of snakes then I’m sorry, but I will post on random occasions pictures of snakes or my own snake. I did a post on Rattlesnake awareness that you can read here.


I want to be able to work from anywhere, for however long I want, I want to take my dogs with me while I go have experiences or get bitchen content! Not to mention finally make money of a life I can be proud of.


I also have been writing a book! More like a novel and yes it’s a series. Been working on it for 10 years! Yep going J.K Rowling status haha she is a Goddess and a Queen!

It’s sort of my baby and I am in love with it, it still has kinks that need sorting and my style of writing (for this re-write) is scene by scene and I piece it together later. I am already getting inspiration for scenes in future books that I haven’t even started yet, but I am writing it all down, so I don’t forget. I am still toying with the idea of posting excerpts from some chapters to get feedback, but I am still not sure and want to have everything make sense before I post anything. When I tell people about it they seem eager to read it and the parts I let my friends and family read have them begging me for more, so it stands to say I think it’s going to be good! We’ll see though! I am writing it to be a long series because movies are so quick and over and you miss a lot, my goal is to sell it as a Netflix original! Think the Game of Thrones of Netflix.


I will also be restarting my clothing venturship, due to complications I had to put a halt on Zev Realm. Once I get the ball really rolling on this I hope I can jump start that again. It’s a passion project for me, starting with clothing and accessories Zev Realm will build itself into an Empire that stands to promote Nature Safety and Protection awareness. All products will be made naturally and considered biodegradable, profits will fund the restoration of jungles, forests, oceans and aid in the protection of wildlife. I also want to start up a foundation that aids in the humane wellbeing of dogs for homeless people and low-income families. There is a lot that will be going into this company and it all starts with the first brick. If you want to check out what I have for that so far you can follow these links. I am not finished with it and have so much more to do, but all in due time.

Instagram- zevrealm


You see I have a lot going on that I want to work on for myself, and those are just a few of the ideas and ventures that I have planned. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere still living paycheck to paycheck making money for someone else! Now is my opportunity to pursue my passions and do what I want with my life so that I can be more capable of helping others and doing more.


If this post inspires just 1 person to take flight and go after their dreams then that’s all that matters! I see you and I was once where you too were sitting, reading a blog deciding whether to take that leap of faith, do it! It can be anything in the world, I wanted to travel with my dogs and photograph it as we went, sharing moments and memories plus learned lessons with the world. If I can take the plunge then you can too!


Look forward to getting to know you all and sharing a bit of me with you!


Melissa, Beowolf, and Valentine

I have included some items that I have goals of purchasing once I can afford it, these will help me improve the quality of content I post and allow me to do more and have more experiences to share with you.


My first real Camera! Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR

Currently, I am only using my phone for all content and imaging, I want to invest in a quality camera and set up so that I can take even better images. My goal is to become a better photographer and build my quality learning new skills. Someday I will travel the world and using a cell phone the whole time doesn't get me what I see in my head.


Check out my Amazon Wishlist!


Fund A Getaway!

Wanna get away? I know I do! I am always itching to get out and discover new places to see and new things to do, it's not always as easy as get up and go, sometimes the car needs work, I have to account for gas and other expenses being on the road. Since I travel alone I always have to make sure the details are all worked out, as well as some emergency money for a flat tire or tow. Since I am just starting out any assistance toward this is helpful and will make it easier for me to get out there and share the world with you!



4 Dog-Friendly Beaches in San Diego you HAVE to check out this summer!

If you are in the San Diego area and are looking for a Dog-friendly beach you must check out Ocean Beach dog beach.


Ocean Beach

This is an off-leash dog beach, separated from the “No dogs” side AKA the Not Fun side by a large rock formation. Of the Southern California dog beaches we’ve gone to, this one is by far my favorite! The beach stretches a mile long so you can walk along with the whole thing and back while your dog runs in and out of the water and checks out things getting washed up on the shore. I also like this area more for the community that goes there, for the most part, everyone both human and the dog has proper off-leash beach etiquette. The dogs either mind their own business or kindly tell the others to back off which from what I’ve seen while going there they listen.


I consider this beach to be kind of a two-part beach, along the oceanfront side the white frothy waves come in and out which is excellent playtime for dogs and make beautiful pictures for the photographing owner. There are lots of tiny seashells that get washed ashore as well ranging in many shapes, sizes, and colors! If you keep walking the water flows into a shallow river and the banks are more solid, however, lots of critters live down below, you can tell by how many air pockets there are! The water slows to a still the further you go where at the end it’s blocked off for a bird wildlife protected area.


Getting there:

You can take any freeway route that will meet up with the 8 junctions. You want to take the 8 West toward Beaches and follow signs for Sunset Cliffs. Keep in the left lane because there will come a fork in the road, you want to take a left at that fork (which has 2 lanes) use the right lane just to make merging easier. Next, you will take the first Right onto West Point Loma Blvd (you can also make a right on Voltaire which is the next street up). From here you will pass by all the vacation housing, make the first right you can take on Voltaire and you drive right into the parking lot.



  • Free!
  • I have never had trouble finding parking, but it can get full depending on when you go.
  • Handicap accessible
  • Clean apart from sand
  • Closes at 2am
  • Opens at 4am
  • **There is NO overnight parking between the hours of 2am-4am if you’re stealth camping I hear nobody seems to bother anyone though careful not to risk a ticket if you can’t afford it**



It’s an off-leash dog beach so all dogs should be off leash, leashes in these situations can lead to fights. (the Only fight I saw on the beach was with a leashed dog)

Clean up after your dog! There are bags at the entrance and trash cans all over so there is no excuse for not cleaning up after your dog. **I will admit, sometimes a dog poops in the ocean when waves are crashing all over and so collecting the feces may not be possible. Yes, Beowolf I’m looking at you! (His first time) **

No fighting! Dog or people. People who come to the beach don’t want drama so if you or your dog can’t handle the uncontrollable situations at an off-leash dog beach then consider therapy and training before going. Valentine will never go anywhere that’s an off-leash social dog area, she’s a wild card and still in training, as she was attacked by 2 dogs when she was 10 weeks old she may never be able to do this but I’m hopeful one day she will trust me enough for this.


Del Mar Dog Beach

I’ve come to this beach a couple of times and I like it. It IS a leashed dog beach which means all dogs always need to be leashed. This beach runs along with large rock formations, caves, and is at the base of the mountains of Del Mar so there is lots of privacy and areas that if you trust your dog they can quietly go off leash. The beach runs onto “Private Property” which homeowner will come out and scold you for being on their beach. I still think the idea of this is stupid but whatever, I either keep it moving or turn back the other way.


Like OB this beach has was I call 2 sections. The coastal rock formation side and a lakeside. To the left of the beach under the bridge where the cars are usually parked is a large open lake where the ocean water channels into. There aren’t many places to set up camp or anything but if you’re just planning on swimming and letting the dogs swim it’s great! There are also lots of creatures that find themselves washed in and stranded during low tide so you can check them out and maybe do a little fishing (though I wouldn’t recommend this if dogs are playing nearby). I find this beach a little more crowded than OB, there are residential housing everywhere and this is the place to bring your dog if you have one so there can be a lot of dogs and families here.


Getting there:

Getting to Del Mar dog beach is so easy! It’s off the 5 freeway and exit Via De La Valle, hang a right and then a left on Camino Del Mar and you should start seeing parking on the side of the road. **This is also where the Del Mar Racetrack/Fairgrounds are so again aware of what time of year you are going to account for traffic and parking**



  • Free
  • Difficult to find parking as it’s street parking everywhere so there are no lots to funnel into. This also means depending on where you find parking you may be in for a hike to the beach or paying.
  • Probably not handicap accessible or no different than any other street parking scenario.


Amenities & Policies:

  • There are tons of trashcans to keep the beach clean and a dog poop bag dispenser so again no excuse not to clean up after your dog.
  • Lots of porta-potties as well! Though in the hot sun it’s not ideal when you gotta go…
  • Dogs have to be on leashes and it actually says on the website, standard 6-foot leash. The retractable leashes give you no control if there were to be a tussle and I’ve seen a dog get dragged because another dog chasing a ball ran through the line and yanked the handle from the owner. It didn’t stop until both dogs were in the water and the owners got into a huge argument over the leash!
  • Proper dog etiquette!


Other Dog-Friendly Beaches in San Diego

Fiesta Island dog park- 1750 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, Ca. 92109

Coronado Beach and Dog Park- Ocean Blvd, Coronado, Ca. 92118


I have not been to these other 2 beaches though I want to! If you guys want me to take another family vacation south to check these ones out let me know!

San Diego or BUST! Taking the PCH with Beowolf to stealth camp in Bonita.

If you’re tired of being in LA this spring and want to venture out to other areas of Southern California then San Diego is the next obvious choice! With so many things to do, places to see, the zoos, the safari park, the beaches! Paired with perfect weather it’s the ultimate day out scene. Want to step it up a notch, well if you have the gas and the patience then taking PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) is the way to go!


I have always wanted to drive up the coast of California along the 1 PCH and never had the time or the opportunity, but this weekend all of that changed. I have a newer reliable car, better gas mileage and some money in the bank as a cushion. Also I was set to attend the USMRA National Championship, details on the event to come!


I cleaned the car, checked all the fluids, filled up the tank (mine cost $40-45 to fill) and loaded Beowolf into the car. I needed to keep Valentine home for this one, the size of the event along with number of other dog’s present can be a lot on her and it was just me so I wouldn’t have help to handle her, it wouldn’t be fair to Valentine or helpful in her training to not give her my full attention. Not to mention I was also working as a stand in RVT so even Beowolf would have to be put up if I was needed. Even though it was a quick trip I managed to do a lot! I saw my father who also got to hang out and watch the event, I took Beowolf to Ocean Beach Dog Beach which is our favorite place to go when in town and we got to see some of Camp Pendleton which is my old stomping grounds! Though I would have loved to do more and see more, this was a short visit.


So let’s get started!

To get to PCH I headed on the 405 West to the 110 in Carson and hopped onto the 1 in Harbor City. Firstly I wouldn’t recommend this, take the 405 to Seal Beach. From Harbor City on its mostly Long Beach inner city and residential areas, I feel like I wasted time and gas on stop and go inner city traffic and wasn’t even close to the oceanic sights I was seeking. This was a lesson I learned for YOU!


Stay on the freeway until you get to Seal Beach, from there the PCH is beautiful! We stopped at Starbucks for some drinks and food and I needed to go to the bathroom, so I let Beowolf out to stretch his legs and he got his pupaccino! I saved money here as well, using a Starbucks gift card I got a long time ago, so it was FREE today! When we were relaxed it was off to the second leg of our adventure!


You still go through beach cities like Huntington Beach, Newport Beach (home of my beloved show, The O.C), Laguna Beach (shout out to my girl Kristen Cavallari!), all the way to Dana Point. It was so nice listening to my music on a beautiful sunny spring day driving through the cute little cities with glimpses of the ocean as you pass by! We didn’t stop anywhere because I was still on a schedule and the plan was just to drive the PCH, next time we will get off and hit the beaches or eat somewhere.


This was basically a recon mission, where to start the PCH journey, where the places I want to get off at, and any other little details I made note of as I passed by. Beowolf spent most of the time with his head out the window saying hi to the beach goers on the sidewalk who were equally in awe of him.


Once we passed through Dana Point I decided to hop back on the 5 freeway as Beowolf was getting fidgety and likely had to go to the bathroom again, I didn’t want to stop in the city to try and find a park, but I knew there would be rest stops.


We reached our first rest stop just before you reach the Main Gate of Camp Pendleton, Beowolf stretched his legs and sniffed for a good spot to potty while I stared at the oceanic views that were once my own back yard. I also longed to be back living on Camp Pendleton that was also once my home, but that was another life, still I couldn’t help the nostalgia from sneaking in momentarily.


We spent 10 minutes at the San Onofre rest stop and when Beowolf was finished we hopped back in the car and was ready for the 3rd and final leg of our drive. As it was a little after 1:30 pm, it wasn’t too busy although there was still plenty of traffic. At this point I knew the freeway like the back of my hand, as this was the route I took to get to work when I lived in Oceanside and worked in Mira Mesa. It was like falling back into line, except this time I wasn’t on my way to some low paying job, and I had more entertainment to look forward to.


I made it to Rohr Park in Bonita just before 3:30pm. Most of the set up for the next day event was done, but there was still plenty to do. So I let Beowolf rest while I ran around taping, cutting, hammering, and other stuff trying to help everyone finish in time for dinner. I didn’t go to the dinner with everyone because I wanted to see family, so my father bought pizza and we just hung out with Beowolf catching up on a lot.


Catching Z’s

So as any normal person would do, they would stay the night with family. However I am a future vanlifer (not nearly ready to start) and need to get the experience living in my car…again. Since the event was set up on a public park they needed overnighters to stay in the parking lot and keep an eye on things. This was the job for me and another girl who came to compete with her dog. Originally the plan was to shoot over to Ocean Beach and sleep in the parking lot there, it’s free and permitted until 2am then opens back up at 4am. A few friends suggested I do that as well as reviews sounded promising, the only risk would be being woke up by police between the hours of 2-4am, though the risk was low as not many cops bother you if you’re not bothering anyone. Plus in my car I just look like a tourist who parked her extra car there, versus a large RV that’s a big target. Nonetheless the sanctioned opportunity to just stay in the parking lot at the park was better, I didn’t want to really do more driving and there was a bathroom right by the car. It was also quiet and more private than at night where there can be a lot of passerby people who could disrupt my sleep.


I let Beowolf out to run around the huge field while I set up the bed in the back of my car and got dressed into something comfortable then it was time for night night. Only 1 parking patrol car drove by around midnight (park closes from 10am-6am) but they didn’t bother me, not sure if they didn’t care about 2 vehicles doing nothing, or if they knew there were 2 vehicles permitted to be there, but I slept like a baby. It was so warm and cozy as I used this new car air mattress I got on amazon. It was easy to inflate and insulate the heat better than I thought, in fact when I woke up the next morning all my windows were dripping from the steam we created!


I was glad in the end that I stayed there, the bathrooms were better than portal potties. I let Beowolf out for a minute and then deflated the mattress putting away our night things and got ready for the beach! We got to Ocean Beach dog beach around 7am and it was already getting busy, there weren’t many dogs though which I was happy about. There is a reason I stopped taking Beowolf to dog parks and that reason stretches to public beaches as well. He has never once started a fight or caused trouble, but not everyone watches their dogs or has control of them, Beowolf can also be a… wolf… which means he doesn’t always come when called either. It had been a while since I let him mingle freely with other strange dogs and so before getting out of the car I gave him a pep talk to be on his best behavior.


He heeded my advice and was a very good boy, though like I predicted he didn’t much want to come when called. He was more focused sniffing the thousandth pile of seaweed to care about my commands (something we need to work on) but all in all he was well behaved and made new friends, he also made sure to stay close by. I managed to get amazing footage of him, but my stupid phone was dying and his reluctance for paparazzi meant I couldn’t get all the shots I wanted! Oh well, reason for another trip I suppose! We stayed there a little over an hour and then went back to Rohr park where it was already packed!


The event was awesome! I got to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while and watch people from our club compete on the National levels which was great, my father stopped by to hang out and watch the event too. Even Beowolf sat with us for a good portion of the day until it was time to break for lunch in which case it was time to put the beggar away. As it grew later in the day I needed to head out, like I said it was a very quick trip, I needed to be back to work the next day and didn’t want to get in too late. My father checked out my car and made sure I was ready for the 3hr drive ahead of us, I filled up the rest of my tank (I never start a long-distance drive without my tank FULL) and headed out.


The drive home was great, later than I wanted so the sun was lower than I like, making it so I must constantly flip back and forth the sun visor for shade. Overall it was as I predicted. I just took the 5 straight up because at this point I just wanted to get HOME! This made it easier too not having to navigate a lot of traffic, just stay in this lane and we’re good. I travel this way a lot as well, my grandpa lives in La Habra and so I take the 5 everywhere.


I got home around 7pm which was good timing for the drive. Bagheera and Valentine were ecstatic to see me, I let Beowolf out to run the property with Valentine while I unloaded the car and got settled into the house. They could use the nice stretch of their legs too, Beowolf with me having jetlag and Valentine from being in the kennels overnight.


We’re exhausted, to say the least, but it was a great time! Even though it was short I mostly wanted to see if I could do it and take advantage of things I’ve been wanting to do. Like, get a first-hand knowledge of Pacific Coast Highway and stealth camping in other places. I intend on taking PCH northbound at a later date to check out those areas as well, likely will be when I go up to Sacramento for my stepdad’s grand opening of a restaurant.


In the meantime, stay classy San Diego!

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